How do I setup "Job Configuration" App Settings?

Job Configuration App Settings allow you to change how Jobs function within the FieldClock App.

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 App Settings was built with this in mind. Our “Job Configuration” tab in App Settings allows you to change FieldClock’s Job Configuration behavior to match your company specific workflows and processes.

To view the Job Configuration tab in App Settings, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Misc.” tab. Then, click the “Edit” button to the right of the “Configuration” header, followed by the “Job Configuration” tab. 

  • “Enable Roamer Assignments” allows Roamers to be included in the Crew Boss options when creating and editing Jobs.
  • “Enable Multi-Piece Type Jobs” allows Jobs to have two Piece Types at the same time.
  • “Enable Quantity Modes” allows you to select which Quantity Modes are available in Piecework Jobs. Fixed grants single pieces per scan, while Variable allows Crew Bosses to enter variable or arbitrary quantities when entering employee piece counts.
  • “Enable Production Modes” allows you to select the different Production Modes that are available: Individual is single person picking, Group allows employees to share pieces where all employees must scan their badges to be granted pieces, and Team allows a single Team member to scan their badge for all members to be granted pieces.
  • “Required Job Fields” allows you to require additional fields to be entered when creating and editing Jobs.
  • “Enable Night Shift” allows Jobs to be marked as night shift, which are indicated by a moon emoji in Jobs Details and your Jobs List.
  • “Enable Hourly Rates” allows Job hourly rates to be set in the mobile app.

FieldClock allows you to configure our software to fit your exact needs. 

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