How do I fix employees with incorrect clock-in and clock-out times?

If employee time entries appear to be behaving oddly or incorrectly, there may be a couple of simple reasons (all of which would have to stem from the Admin site).


  1. Future clock-in: If an employee is automatically being clocked out at a future time as soon as they get clocked in, there's likely a future job that that employee is clocked into. When an employee clocks into a job in FieldClock, we automatically look for future clock-in times, which, if there are any, we use to clock the employee out at - this prevents time overlaps and employees abusing the system
  2. Incorrect date: If an employee's time entries randomly change when modified, it may have to do with an incorrect job date. Check to see if the job date is correct

If none of the above are true, and an employee or employees time entries are still off, please contact FieldClock support.