How To Schedule Your Trainings

Getting the help you need when making the switch to FieldClock is easy through our scheduled trainings calendar.

It’s common to have questions or need to schedule some training while going through the account setup process. We make this easy for you by allowing you to schedule Zoom calls with an onboarding specialist at any time.

To schedule a Zoom call, first click the “Schedule” button or link within one of your account setup emails:

  1. The initial view shows a calendar along with various time slots to choose from
  2. First, make sure you’re on the right scheduling calendar. There are three to choose from during your account setup:
    1. Office Training, which is two to three hours
    2. Field Training, which is around one hour
    3. And 15 Minute Meetings, which can be scheduled at any time for any questions you have along the way
  3. Select the date that you’d like to schedule a Zoom call on
  4. Next, select an available time slot that works for you
  5. Finally, verify your contact information and click “Confirm”

That’s it! You’ll receive a confirmation email, which includes a Zoom link. Simply click that at your scheduled time to join the meeting.