How do I add a note to a payroll batch?

It’s possible that payout errors might make their way into Payroll Batches. In FieldClock, Payroll Batches are set in stone, meaning they’re unable to be modified after they’ve been generated.

To help with errors or other information that colleagues should be aware of, we’ve created Payroll Batch Notes, which allow you to add arbitrary text notes to any Payroll Batch. 

To create a Payroll Batch Note, first login to the Admin site and click the “Payroll” button from your left-hand navigation menu.

  • Click the paper icon button to the right of one of your Payroll Batch titles, followed by the “Add note” button.
  • Then, enter any text that you’d like to associate with the Batch.
  • After you save your note, you’ll notice the paper icon button turn yellow, which means that that Batch has a note associated with it.
  • Click the note button again to view your recently created note or any other notes associated with the Batch.

Adding notes to Payroll Batches allows colleagues to stay up-to-date on any changes made outside of FieldClock.