How does location fixes work on the mobile apps?

Location data within FieldClock is more of a guideline at this time, but does present location data within 30 meters (98 feet) if the device is able to get a location fix.

Our initial use case for acquiring a device's location was for the role of ticketers. ticketers don't generally move that much and keep the app open, which allows the device to easily ping it's location. Overtime, it came to out attention that more and more people were using it as a means of verifying employee clock-in locations. Due to this demand, we are currently working on ways of improving our location accuracy and timing.

How location currently works

If we show pin on the map, it means that device was within 30 meters (98 feet) of that location when the device was able to get a location fix. However, this doesn't necessarily mean they clocked-in at that location. For example: if the user simply launched the app and a location fix was sent up at that time, then they drove over to a job site and clocked-in, it would show their last location as the point where they opened the app, not clocked-in.

Heads up

It is hard for a device to get an accurate location fix while the device is moving, and especially while the app is closed and in a pocket.

Steps to help get a location fix

  1.  Not moving (the faster a device is moving, the harder it is for the satellite to track it)
  2. Be outside (roofs act as a shield from the satellite)
  3. Keep the app open (depending on your 'Location Mode' settings, the device will keep attempting to acquire a location)