How do I use Kiosk "Photo + PIN" Mode?

Job management shouldn’t be a burden, especially at warehouses where the same Tasks happen everyday. With Kiosk’s “Photo + PIN Mode”, employees clock-in and out by entering a PIN number of their choosing, then picking a Task and getting to work.

FieldClock takes a photo upon clock-in and clock-out so you can make sure that they were actually there and not someone else. 

Note: for more information on Kiosk, please watch our videos titled “Kiosk Overview” and “How to configure Kiosk” linked below. 

To start using Kiosk in “Photo + PIN Mode”, first login to the Kiosk app and configure it to use “Photo + PIN Mode.” 

  • Once Kiosk is configured, employees clock-in and out via a PIN number of their choosing which can be set by editing an employee’s profile on the Admin Site
  • As soon as they enter their PIN number, they’re prompted to select a Task to start working on.
  • After choosing a Task, Kiosk takes a photo of whoever is standing in front of the Kiosk for later review. This allows you to verify that employees are indeed clocking themselves in and not their colleagues.
  • If the employee scans their badge a second time, Kiosk asks them if they’d like to clock-out or if they’d like to clock-in to another Job, which they can do by selecting a new Task.
  • Kiosk syncs initially on login, then periodically while in Kiosk mode, which pulls a list of all current jobs and keeps Kiosk up to date with the Admin Site and FieldClock app.

FieldClock provides great labor tracking solutions not only for the field and office, but warehouses as well. 

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