How do I create an Hourly Job on the Admin site?

Hourly Jobs are the most simple types of Jobs in FieldClock - they pay employees by the hour. 

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To create an Hourly Job, first login to the Admin site and click the “Jobs” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click the “New Job” button on the right-hand side of your main jobs list.

  • Jobs require a Ranch and Task at minimum.
  • A Block, Variety, and Crew Boss can optionally be selected if needed.
  • If you need to pay a special or higher Hourly Rate for a particular Task, you can enter an “Hourly Pay” for the Job.
  • Employees will earn that “Hourly Pay”, as long as it’s higher than the other two possible wages, which are an employee’s wage program wage or their custom wage:
    • Within FieldClock, Employees always earn the highest of the three possible rates: wage program, custom rate, or job rate.
  • For instance, you could set the job’s “Hourly Pay” to $20 per hour.
  • However, if an employee that’s clocked-in to this job has a custom rate of $25 an hour, that employee will earn the $25 an hour because it’s the highest.

Hourly jobs and our rate system allow employees to always earn the highest rate possible. It also means that you don’t always need to specify an hourly rate at jobs because FieldClock will always default to the wage program rate, which every employee must be assigned to.