How do I generate the QC Notes Summary Report?

Quality Control is an important part of any farm. The QC Notes Summary gives you access to a summary of quality control data that your employees have recorded.

To get there, first login to the Admin site and navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab, then click the ‘QC Notes Summary’ report button. Once loaded, you can change the date by clicking the calendar icon followed by the ‘Update’ button to pull in new data.

  • This report lists all notes that are taken for a given date. It includes metadata such as who created it, which employee the note was about, the note’s content, and any custom  fields that might be associated with it.  For more information about custom note fields, check out our video titled “Note Fields List” linked below.
  • All notes can also be exported via a CSV file as well if you’d like to view them in another program outside of FieldClock.

If you’re needing an easy way to view all Notes for a given date, rather than viewing them at each job, this allows you to do that. It’s time saving, simple, works great for all of your Note Fields.