How do I generate the Non-Productive Time Report?

Making sure your employees are taking the appropriate breaks is an important piece of labor management. FieldClock’s Non-Productive Time report provides a quick and easy way to see what breaks and trainings have taken place at your jobs.

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To get there, first login to the Admin Site and navigate to the "Reports" tab, then click the "Non-Productive Time" report button.   Once loaded, you can change the date by clicking the calendar icon followed by the "Update" button to pull in new data.

  • This reports breaks down all of your rest breaks and other Non-Productive Times, for each job on the selected date.

So, if you’re needing to see whether or not breaks have been taken at any of your jobs on a given date, this is the best report for it. It provides you with a single view to see all breaks taken, which means no longer checking jobs one-by-one.