How do I generate the Labor Costs by Field Report?

Labor is probably your largest cost center, and block-level accounting is required to maximize the money you’re spending. The Labor Costs by Field report allows you to see how much you are spending on various activities per ranch, block, or acre.

 If you’ve entered your unit count, you can even see how much you are spending per tree or vine!

To get there, first login to the Admin site and navigate to the ‘Reports’ tab, then click the ‘Labor Costs by Field’ report button.   Once loaded, you can change the date range by selecting a new one from the ‘Dates’ dropdown. It can be broken down by Total Labor Costs, by Acre, or by Unit. And the ‘View’ allows you to view your data either as a Table, Bar Chart, or Stacked Chart. 

  • Within this report, the Columns represent your Ranches & Blocks, while the rows represent your Tasks. 
  • Ranch names can be clicked to view data for each Block within that Ranch.
  • The last row Totals up your Labor Costs by Ranch, and the far-right column Totals up your Labor Costs by Task, with an ‘Overall’ or Grant Total column as well as an ‘Average’ column.
  • The entire report can be viewed as a Table, Bar Chart, or Stacked Chart for different visualizations.

Overall, this is the best report for viewing how much money you’re spending on labor, broken down by Ranch/Block and Task, which provides you with greater insight into your operations' finances.