How do I generate the Daily Pay Report?

One of the biggest benefits of using FieldClock is using the real time data to manage your labor costs. This can be as simple as watching for underproducing or overproducing employees. This data is readily available via the Daily Pay report.

To get there, first login and navigate to the “Reports” tab, then click the “Daily Pay” report button. Once loaded, you can change the date range by selecting a new one from the “Date” dropdown, and select which field you’d like to view data on a “By Job” or “By Crew Boss” breakdown. 

  • The “By Job” breakdown lists all active and final jobs on the selected date. For each Job, it provides you with an Employee Count, Piece Rate, Ave Hours Worked, Average Hourly Rate, and the Minimum & Maximum Hourly Rate earned. The bottom shows “Total Pay”, which sums up all payouts for the above Jobs. 
  • When broken down By Job, you can click each job to see employee-specific pay data within that job.  You can then sort employees by production or pay so that you can identify employees that are going to slow or too fast.
  • The “By Crew Boss” breakdown creates separate reports for each Crew Boss, and includes all Jobs they were the Crew Boss for, the Employee Count at each Job, Total Man-Hours, Production Counts, and Total Payout, with a Grand Total for Hours Worked and Payouts at the bottom of each. 
  • Both breakdowns can be filtered, searched, and exported for viewing and/or modification outside of FieldClock

This report is great for seeing how much you’re spending on labor, broken down by Job or Crew Boss level, and is ideal if you’re wanting ‘drill-down’ and see who the top and lowest earners are.