How do I generate Custom Reports?

Viewing labor and production data is paramount in gaining new insight about your operation. Our predefined reports may not offer the insight you need, which is what we build Custom Reports for.

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Custom Reports allow you to build your own reports by specifying what data you’re looking for, over what time range, and how you’d like that data displayed. These reports can then be saved privately or shared internally with anyone else who has reports access. 

To create a Custom Report, first login to the Admin site and click “Reports” from your left-hand navigation menu. The “Custom Reports” panel at the bottom displays all of your Custom Reports as well as other Custom Reports that have been shared by colleagues. 

To create a new report, click the “New Report” button. 

Once load, there are two main sections:

  • The “Filters” section at the top allows you to limit what data is used in the report. For instance, if you only wanted to pull data for a specific Ranch, you can select that specific Ranch from the “Ranches” dropdown. Doing so will filter out all other Ranches.
  • The “Presentation” section at the bottom allows you to specify what metric you’d like FieldClock to calculate - and how you’d like the report to display that data. For instance, you can Sum the Amount Paid out to all Employees, and view it as a Bar Chart. 

FieldClock provides you with access to any data needed, and displayed just the way you like it. 

Please be sure to check out our other Custom Report videos for guidance on how to generate specific types of reports.