How do I view the "Employees Tab" in the Job Details page on the Admin site?

The “Employees Tab” is selected by default when you first navigate to a job. It’s where you clock employees in and out, grant production, and add employee notes.

  • Each row represents an employee, which can be clicked and expanded to show additional details and functionality.
  • The “Time” panel displays their clock-in and clock-out timestamps as well as hours worked. Clicking the green pencil button allows you to edit a time entry, while clicking the red trash can button removes a time entry.
  • The “Production” panel is only visible at piecework jobs. It lists all pieces that the employee picked and allows further production to be granted or voided.
  • The “Comments & Photos” panel lists all notes that apply to the employee. You can also add new notes by clicking the “Add comments” button.
The bottom of your employees list are various buttons with additional functionality:
  • “Add/edit Employees” allows you to add or edit employee time entries either individually or in bulk, meaning all at once.
  • “Move/Copy Employee Activity” allows you to copy or move employees from the job you’re currently viewing to another existing one, or a new job entirely.
  • “Clock-out active employees” is only visible if you have employees still on the clock. Clicking it allows you to clock-out all active employees at a time of your choice.
  • “Set total pieces” allows you to set total piece counts for all employees at once, rather than having to do so individually.

The “Employees Tab” provides you with more control of your employee labor records, which means less time manually tracking data and more time spent doing what matters most. Running and growing your business.