How does Employee Portal Automatic Logout work?

Employees might be using the same computer to check their activity. To help keep pay related information confidential, FieldClock automatically clocks employees out of Employee Portal after 60 seconds of inactivity.

This helps keep employee specific information less likely to be seen by colleagues or other people who shouldn’t have access. 

Employee Portal can be viewed by logging into For more information on how to login, please watch our video titled “How to login to Employee Portal linked below.” 

  • Our “inactivity” functionality allows a computer to be placed in a central location, such as an office or H2A Housing unit, where employees can all use it to check their work activity at any time of day.
  • By automatically logging people out, multiple employees can use the computer without worrying about staying logged in.

FieldClock helps keep confidential information secure and private. 

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