How to view my Employee Portal Activity List

Employees like to stay up-to-date on their hours, breaks, and payouts. To help with this, we built Employee Portal so employees can check their own activity whenever they want.

No more posting paper labor records in a centralized location! The Activity List provides a list of all employee activity over the last ten days. 

To view the Activity List, first login to Employee Portal at For more information on logging into Employee Portal, please watch our video titled “How to login to Employee Portal” linked below. 

  • The initial view displays a list of Jobs from all companies that have Employee Portal enabled.
  • Job data is displayed according to each company’s Employee Portal settings.
  • We also show a list of companies that the employee has activity at, but where Employee Portal is not enabled. This is to encourage employees to ask companies to enable Employee Portal where needed.

FieldClock helps your employees stay up-to-date on their own activity, when and where they want.