How do I view my Employee Details on the FieldClock app?

FieldClock makes managing and viewing employee information a breeze while out of the office. Our Employee Details view on the FieldClock app provides quick and easy access to employee information when you need it, with added functionality for working

To view an employee, first login to the FieldClock App and tap the “Employees” button from your pullout navigation menu. Next, tap an employee in your list to view them. 

  • The upper-portion of your screen shows basic employee data such as their name, photo, and badge number.
  • If a Bluetooth printer is connected to your device, the “Print Temporary Badge” button will be visible at the bottom-right. Clicking this will print a temporary badge that can be used to clock the employee in.
  • Click the “Edit” button in the upper-right corner to edit the employee.

Viewing employee information while on the go is quick and easy. 

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