How do I create a Piecework Job on the FieldClock app?

Like many farmers, you probably need to pay piecework rates for some jobs. For instance, you may pay employees per bin of picked fruit, or per row of pruned trees or vines. FieldClock has multiple piecework options to help in these scenarios.

To begin, login to the FieldClock App and tap the “Jobs” button from your pullout navigation menu. Then, tap the “+” button in the upper-right corner of your screen. 

  • Jobs require a Ranch and a Task at minimum.
  • A Block, Variety, and Crew Boss can optionally be selected if needed.
  • Change your ‘Pay Type’ to Piecework, or Hourly + Piecework.
  • Once a piecework Pay Type is selected, ‘Piecework Options’ will become available.
  • Next you’ll need to select your Piece Type, for instance “Bins”.
  • Then, specify your Piece Price, say $5 per Bin.
The ‘Production’ field has three options:
    • Individual Production”means that Employees are picking by themselves, or not sharing pieces.
    • Group Production” means that multiple Employees may share pieces. Each time a new piece is created, the app will ask which Employees are sharing it.
    • Team Production” also allows for shared pieces, but employees will be in specific teams and only one employee needs to be scanned to create a new piece for their team.
  • The "Quantity" field has two options:
    • Fixed Quantity” creates a single piece each time a badge is scanned.
    • Variable Quantity” prompts the user for the quantity each time a badge is scanned.  Use this for high-volume where you aren’t tracking individual pieces.
  • The "Use pre-printed tickets?" option allows you to use your own QR or bar-codes to track pieces.
  • And finally, you have the option to select a second Piece Type if you’re using more than one at this Job.

Our Piecework Job Options provide you with nearly unlimited ways to configure Piecework pay, which means paying Employees correctly at all times. 

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