How do I create or edit a Note Template?

Note Templates are custom Quality Control Notes that you can use in the field to track customized quality control data. For instance, you might want to track bruising in apples or the number of stem-pulls in cherries.

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To get there, first login to the Admin site and click the “Admin” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “Notes” tab. From there, either click the ‘New Note Template’ button or select one from your existing list, then click the “Edit note template” button to edit it. 

  • First, “Name” your Note Template
  • The “Active?” checkbox specifies whether or not this template is active, meaning that it’s available for use out in the field
  • The “Comments” input allows you to describe how the Note Template should be used. This is important so that your employees know how and where to use it
  • The “Input Field” is where you assign your pre-made Input Fields to this Note Template. Click the “Add input field” button to do so 
  • The “Varieties” section allows you to specify which Varieties this Note Template applies to.  Your QC staff will only see this template if they are currently at a job or location that involves a variety you specify here.

Note Templates are incredibly useful for capturing Quality Control data out in the field. This means identifying product defects quicker, and having better insight into where improvements need to be made. 

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