How do I create or edit an Employee on the Admin site?

Employees are an essential part of FieldClock, and your business. To help with employee management, we provide various login options, roles and privileges, custom pay rates, and other information so you can track everything that’s necessary.

To create an employee, first login to the Admin site and click the “Employees” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Next, click the “New Employee” button on the right-hand of your screen to create a new one, or select an existing one from your Employees list, followed by the “Edit employee” button to edit them. 

  • The upper portion of your screen allows you to input basic employee information, such as their name, badge number, group number, Kiosk PIN, phone number, photo, and whether or not they're active.
  • The “Compensation” tab is where a Wage Program, Hourly Pay, and Payroll Entity can be assigned.
  • The “User Account” tab allows you to specify the employee’s login type.
    • “None” means the Employee doesn’t need access to FieldClock at all - they’re just clocked-in and out of Jobs.
    • “Email” grants the employee access to both the FieldClock app and the Admin site.
    • “Badge” grants the employee access to the FieldClock app only, not the Admin site.
    • For Email and Badge logins, a “Roles” section will appear. This section allows you to specify which role - or privilege - the employee should have, which grants them access to different parts and functionality of FieldClock. For more information on this, please see our video titled “Roles Overview” linked below.
  • The “Crew Boss” tab allows you to limit the Employee so that they can only see jobs belonging to specific crew bosses. For information on this, please see our titled “Associated Crew Bosses” linked below.

Employees are an essential part of FieldClock - and your business. This form allows you to grant them various permissions, which means Employees can be limited to parts of FieldClock that only relate to the work they’re doing and nothing else. 

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