How do I create or edit a Block on the Admin site?

FieldClock provides you with unlimited ways to set your fields up. If a Ranch is a physical location, such as an orchard, field, or warehouse where your employees work, a Block is a sub-location within that Ranch.

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To create a Block, first login to the Admin site and click the “Ranches” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click a Ranch from your Ranches list where you’d like to create a Block at. Next, click the green “New Block” button on the right-hand side of your screen, or select an existing one from your list followed by the “Edit block” button to edit it. 

  • Start by “Naming” your Block.
  • The “Varieties” options allow you to specify which crops or Varieties are planted at this Block. The available Varieties to choose from are inherited from its parent Ranch.
  • The “Tasks” options allow you to specify whether or not all Tasks should be available at this Ranch or just a select few. Tasks are also inherited from its parent Ranch.
  • The “Boundaries” section allows you to outline geographic boundaries for your Block, which enables various location-based features. To draw boundaries, locate your Ranch on the map, then click around the borders to fully outline it.
  • Click the “Clear Map” button to clear all boundaries and start over.
  • Acres Planted” and “Units Planted” allow you to specify how many acres and units or trees are at your Block.
  • Assign a “Color” to your Block for better identification.
  • Finally, the “Payroll Codes” section allows you to enter payroll codes for the Block, which will be included in your payroll export files.

FieldClock provides you with all of the tools needed for managing all of your fields. 

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