How do I configure Kiosk?

Kiosk does not need to be configured everyday. You can configure it once with all of the necessary Tasks at a warehouse, mount it on a wall and plug in to a power outlet, then leave it open so employees can clock in and out at their convenience.

Note: for more information on what Kiosk is, please see our “What is Kiosk?” video linked below. And for more information on Kiosk’s different “Scan Modes”, please see our videos titled “How to use Kiosk’s Scan Mode” and “How to use Kiosk’s Photo + PIN Mode” linked below.

To configure Kiosk, first login to the Kiosk app using your Company, Account, or Kiosk Administrator role. 

  • The “Crew Boss” dropdown is optional, and allows you to select who’s overseeing Jobs where the Kiosk is located.
  • The “Location” dropdown is required, and allows you to select where the Kiosk is physically located and work is taking place.
  • Available Tasks” are all of the Tasks that employees can choose from when clocking-in… At least one Task must be selected, but you can select as many as needed.
  • Available Varieties” are all of the Varieties or crops that employees will be working with… Unlike Tasks, Varieties are optional, but you can select as many as needed here as well.
  • Comments” are any notes that you’d like to add to Jobs created through Kiosk.
  • Mode” allows you to specify whether or not employees should be able to clock-in and out with just their badge (Scan Mode), or with a PIN number of their choosing (Photo + PIN)
  • Finally, specify whether or not the Kiosk should use the front or back camera.

FieldClock gets out of the way of warehouse labor so your employees can quickly log in and out without the need for Job management. 

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