How do I move an entire crew from one job to another on the FieldClock app?

In order to help employees clock-in faster, we've added a way to "bulk" select employees option to clock-in entire crews into a new job.

The list of available employees to choose from will included all employees that the signed-in user has worked with over the last few days. To enable / use this feature, please follow the steps below.

Heads up

Depending on your configuration, the '+' or 'Recent' button will only visible if you have worked with employees in the past 72 hours.



Enable from Admin site

While signed-in to the Admin site:

  1. Click Admin > Misc > Edit (Configuration) > Clocking-In
  2. Toggle "Allow Manual Clock-in" to Yes
  3. Toggle "...from Recent" to Yes (additionally toggle " Search" to Yes if you'd like the ability to manually clock individual Employees in)
  4. Click "Update"

Mobile steps

  1. Tap "Jobs" from the main menu
  2. Tap desired job from list
  3. Tap the "Employees" tab
  4. If you only have 'from Recent' enabled, tap the "+" icon in the top-right corner of the screen will prompt you with a list of employees who've you recently worked with in the last few days. If you also have 'by Search' enabled, tapping the "+" icon will first prompt the manual clock-in screen, on which the "Recent" button will appear. Tapping that will prompt the list of recently worked with employees
  5. Tap "Employees" to select them
  6. Tap "Done" to clock-in the selected employees at the current job