How do I Bulk Clean-up Jobs?

Old labor data in FieldClock is a breeze to clean up. Our Bulk Clean Up view lists all jobs that are more than one month old and have not yet been finalized.

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This provides you with a quick and convenient way to locate old Jobs that probably needed to be deleted. 

To get to your Bulk Clean Up view, first login to the Admin site and click “Jobs” from the left-hand navigation menu. Then, click the yellow “Bulk Clean Up” button on the right-hand side of your screen. 

  • Select all of the Jobs that you’d like to clean up and delete by clicking the checkbox on the right-hand side of each Job, or by checking the group header for any month.
  • Once selected, click the “Delete Selected Jobs” button in red, then confirm that you’d like to delete them.

FieldClock helps you save time and stay organized by keeping your Jobs list up-to-date. 

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