How do I view the "Breaks Tab" in Job Details on the Admin site?

Recording breaks and Non-Productive Time is a key part of FieldClock. From paid rest breaks to unpaid lunches, we provide numerous options that allow you to properly record breaks and time off.

Break templates are used to add pre-defined breaks to a Job. For more information on this, please see our video titled “How to create break templates” linked below. 

To add a break to a Job, first head over to view a Job on the Admin site, then click the “Breaks” tab. 

  • Click the “Add break” button to display a list of your existing break templates.
  • Then, select your desired break template to add it to the Job where it will be applied at the current time.
  • Depending on your break template’s length, the break’s “End Time” will automatically be set to the specified number of minutes after the “Start Time".
  • If you need to change the break’s Start Time, click the green pencil button to modify the break.
  • Click the red trash can button to remove a break.
  • If you don’t have a break template that adequately covers your desired time off, click “Add break”, then “Custom” to select a custom Start and End Time for a break. 

FieldClock provides complete flexibility when creating and adding Non-Productive Times.