How do I view my Block Details on the FieldClock app?

Block Details provide you with actionable information at the Block level, all while on the go. In FieldClock, Blocks are sub-geographic regions within Ranches. You can think of Blocks as the children of their parent Ranch.

To view a Block, first login to the FieldClock App and click the “Ranches” tab from your pullout navigation menu. Then, tap a Ranch from your Ranches list where you’d like to view a Block. Next, tap the “Blocks” tab at the bottom of the screen to view the Blocks list. Finally, tap the “Block” that you’d like to view. 

  • The Block “Name” is displayed at the top.
  • The center of your screen is a map of where your Block is located.
  • The “Today’s Jobs” section under the map lists all Jobs for the current date.
  • To create a new Job at the Block you’re viewing, click the “+” button just below the map on the right-hand side.

Viewing field data at the Block level is convenient and at your fingertips through the FieldClock app.  

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