How do I view my Block Details on the Admin site?

Block Details provide you with actionable information at the Block level. In FieldClock, Blocks are sub-geographic regions within Ranches. You can think of Blocks as the children of their parent Ranch.

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To view a Block, first login to the Admin Site and click the “Ranches” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, click the Ranch where the Block is located. Next, click the Block on the right-hand side of your screen to view its Details page. 

The initial view at the top provides basic Block information such as its name, and the number of Varieties, acres, and units planted. The right-hand side of the page provides additional information such as a map of the Block’s boundaries, a list of Tasks and Varieties that are available there, and any associated payroll codes. 

  • The “Job History” tab shows all recent Jobs that have taken place at the Block.
  • The “Stats” tab shows various lifetime and average hourly production data.
  • The “Photos” tab shows thumbnails of all photos taken at the Block, which can be clicked to be enlarged.
  • The “Reports” tab allows you to generate a downloadable CSV with all payout data.

Blocks provide you with a great way to organize your fields and allocate labor and pay more granularly. 

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