What are "Associated Crew Bosses" and How can I configure it?

You might want to restrict which Jobs certain users or Crew Bosses have access to. Associated Crew Bosses was built for this, which allows you to limit a user so that they can only see Jobs for specific Crew Bosses.

Note: this functionality has no effect if the employee doesn’t have a user account. 

To Associate Crew Bosses with a user, first login to the Admin site and click the “Employees” button from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, select a Manager or Crew Boss where you’d like to limit their Job visibility. Next, click the “Edit employee” button and scroll down to the “Crew Bosses” tab.

  • Select all Crew Bosses that you’d like the specified employee to have access to by clicking Crew Boss names in your list.
  • If you’d like the employee to only have access to their own Jobs, select their own name in the list.

Limiting Job visibility for specific users is quick and simple in FieldClock.