How do I assign an Email login?

Users with Email logins can access all of FieldClock's applications, and can be assigned by editing an Employee's profile.

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Access to FieldClock is a top priority! An Email login provides access to the Admin site and FieldClock App. Depending on the user’s role, an Email login also might provide access to the Kiosk App.

To create an Email login for an employee, login to the Admin site and click “Employees” from your left-hand navigation menu. Then, select an employee from your list and click the “Edit employee” button to edit them. Finally, scroll down and click the “User Account” tab.

  • First, click the “Email” option in the “Login” section, then enter the user’s email address…
  • Enter an email address for the employee, then specify which role or privilege to grant them… For more information on roles, please watch our video titled “Roles Overview” linked below… 
  • Once saved, that employee will receive an email from FieldClock with a temporary password, which they can then use to login to both the Admin Site and FieldClock App. If the user has Kiosk, Company, or Account Administrator privileges, they’ll also have access to the Kiosk App… 

Email logins are best for users who need access to the Admin Site, FieldClock App and Kiosk App.

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