Custom Reports

Custom reports allows you to build your own reports by specifying what data you're looking for, over what time range, and how you'd like that data displayed (e.g. chart, table, or just a value). These reports can be saved privately, so that they're only visible to you, or they may be shared with the rest of your company so anyone who has reports access may view it. 

Let's jump into how to create a new custom report. 

Creating a New Custom Report

  1. Click 'Reports' from your left-hand navigation menu
  2. Click 'New Report'



Filters allow you to specify what data you'd like in your report. By default, all ranches, tasks, varieties, employees, and crew bosses are selected. To pull data for a specific object(s), such as the task 'Picking', simply type that parameter in the tasks field, then select it from the dropdown.

Multiple filters can be set at once. For instance, you could pull all payout data for a specific employee where they were 'Picking' at a specific ranch. 

From & To Date

Relative dates allow you to generate a report that, when loaded, always pulls data for the last 'X' number of days.

Specific - or absolute - dates are defined dates that don't change. For instance, a report set to specific dates of 3/1/22 - 3/31/22 will always generate a report for those dates and won't ever change.


This area determines how your report will look.

  • The 'Metric' specifies the value you’d like to calculate for a specific field by default, the report will 'sum' - or total - the amount paid. Using the example above, we're stating that we'd like to sum the amount paid for 'Picking'
  • 'Group by' allows you to specify how to group your data. Using the example above, grouping by 'Ranch' and 'Task' will sum the amount paid to 'Picking' by all Ranches in the last 30 days
  • 'Visualization' allows you to pick how you'd like your report to look: chart, table or value. If the chart option is chosen, you can also choose what type of chart (e.g. line, bar, pie, donut)

After you've filtered your data and settled on a presentation, click the 'View' button to see your report:

Based on the filters and presentation above, we're viewing the total amount paid for the task 'Picking' for all ranches over the last 30 days, and viewing it as a bar chart.

If edits should be made, simply click the edit button in the upper-right hand corner. Once the report is what you want, click the 'Save/Share' button:

When saving a report, you have two options:

  1. Title your report. For the report above, I might save it as "Picking pay over the last 30 days" - or something similar
  2. 'Sharing' allows you to specify whether or not this report is private to you, meaning only you'll be able to access it, or if other users at your company should have access to it
  3. Click 'Save' to save the report, and you're done!

Next time you view the reports list, your report will be ready to go!

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