Employee Tags

A 'tag' is an arbitrary word or phrase, such as 'Covid vaccinated' or 'Tractor trained'. These 'tags' can be applied to employees so others can easily see whether or not someone has a certain certification, training, vaccination, or whatever else. 

How to create a tag

  1. First, head over to Admin -> Tags, then click the 'New Tag' button
  2. Once on the "Add a Tag" form, enter your desired tag name, then click "Save"


How to assign a tag to an employee

  1. Navigate to the employee profile that you wish to add a tag to and click the "+ tag" button, which is located directly beneath the employee's name
  2. Next, select the tag you wish to apply, set an optional 'Expiration Date', and click "Tag 'em" to save it:


Where to view an employee's tags

Employee tags can be viewed directly beneath their name:


Or from the 'Tags' tab:


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