How to add a note to your payroll batch

Payroll Batch Note

Payroll Batch Notes allow you to attach arbitrary text notes to any of your Payroll Batches, should you have any comments to jot down related to the batch.  For example, if you need to manually adjust any piece of data outside of FieldClock (say, in your Payroll System), such as an Employee's pay rate, you can attach a note stating so, so everyone's aware of the change that was made.

Adding a Note to your Payroll Batch

On the Payroll Batches screen, there is a "Notepad" icon to the right of the batch's date. The icon will be highlighted in orange if a note already exists. Click on the icon, then the "Add Note" button will appear. 

Add your Note


You can add more than 1 note per batch. To view the Payroll Batch notes, simply click on the notepad icon. Each note will include the user, time, and date that it was created. You can also delete the note by clicking on the "Trash can" icon located at the top-right corner of the note. The notes will not be included in your batch and are only be displayed on the Payroll Batches screen. 

Add more than 1 note or delete



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