Printing Job Summaries

How to Print a Job Summary 

Job Summaries are another type of printer-friendly report FieldClock offers, which can be printed directly from the Jobs Detail screen. First, select a Job from your Jobs list, then, in the top-right corner of the Job Description box click the 'printer' button. Clicking this will generate the Job Summary report, which includes the job's details, employees, and projected payouts. This report can be generated for active as well as finalized jobs. 

Printing from Job Details view


How to Bulk-Print Job Summaries 

If you want to print multiple Job summaries at once, you can do so from the Jobs List view. Simply hover over the Jobs with your cursor and check the boxes located to the right. You can also check the "Select All" box to quickly check off all Jobs under the same group. The "Print Jobs" button will appear once you select one or more Jobs.

Bulk-Printing from Jobs List view 


The report itself includes individual summaries of each of the Jobs you selected, as well as a summary of the Grand Totals for your Jobs if you selected more than one. Grand Totals include total number of Employees, Total Hours, $/hour, Production, and Payouts. 

Job Summary in an easy-to-read format



Finally, at the very top of your summary you will also have the option to edit the font size of your report (small, medium, or large), the option to include a 'Page break' for each section, and auto preview. The 'Print' button will be located on the top-right corner. 


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