How to properly modify PieceTypes

Editing Your PieceType

When working with Piecework Jobs, you will need to configure a corresponding piecetype upon creating the Job. Throughout the duration of the Job, if you need to make changes to the PieceType, it must be made through the Admin site. This is possible even after production has been tracked. 

First, you will head over to the Admin site and select the Job in question. Once you are viewing the Job Details, head over to the Job Edit screen by clicking on ‘Edit Job”. Next, scroll down to the “Piecework Options” section and make changes by selecting the new PieceType. Lastly, it is important you check the “Yes! I want to update all existing piece types!” box to ensure the new PieceType updates before clicking ‘save’. 

Check off the box before saving 


If you do not check this box off before clicking save, you will come across errors such as when printing the Job Summary report. For instance, if you modify the configuration through our mobile app. Please bear in mind the mobile app does not provide this checkbox. Therefore, the Job Description will display the newly chosen PieceType but will also display an error alert stating “Piece type not listed in Job configuration”. This means the PieceType was not updated correctly.

Job configuration error



In order to fix this error, you will need to go back to the Job edit screen on Admin and set the piece type back to the original configuration and click save. Next, edit the Job one last time and select the new piece type. Finally, be sure to check off the box before saving. 


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