Team picking

Team picking provides a way for Ticketers to scan in production for multiple Employees (the 'Team') by simply scanning a single Employee badge. This is helpful if multiple Employees are working on a 'Box', but are spread out. Rather than them all needing to go to the Ticketer, just a single Employee needs to scan their badge for it to count for all Employees on the Team.


How it works

First, please ensure that the 'Production Mode' for the Piecework Job is set to 'Team'. Then, while on the 'Employees' screen, tap the 'Teams' button in the upper-left hand corner of the screen (outlined in blue below). Select the Employees you'd like on a Team, then tap 'Done' to create the Team.


IMG-1442.PNG IMG-1443.PNG


Once complete, Ticketers can now scan a single Employee's badge to credit production to all Employees on his/her Team.

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