Creating multiple jobs for Roamers

In addition to allowing Roamers to create their own jobs, it also possible to create a small batch of jobs in bulk for their use.


To do this, create a job as you normally would, but find and click the 'Create several jobs at once...' option to the right of the screen.


This will open a new menu, where multiple jobs can be created at once.


Here, there are a multitude of options to make use of:

Date: The date that these jobs will take place.

Employee: The Roamer that will work at these jobs.

Jobs: A mutable list of jobs to create. Each job will require a Ranch and a Task as per usual, but can also be given a Block and Variety. They will also each require a clock-in and clock-out time.

Hourly Pay: The base pay of these jobs, if needed (can be left at 0.00 if the employee's custom wage or minimum wage is being used).

Finalized? Whether or not these jobs should be created in finalized form, for convenience.


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