Job Summary SMS Notifications

When using the Employee Portal, it is possible to enable an optional setting that will allow all users (who opt-in) to receive SMS notifications upon a job being finalized. When jobs are finalized, SMS messages will be queued to be sent. The SMS will be sent 30 minutes after finalization, unless the job is unfinalized.


Enabling the Setting

To begin, you will need to enable this setting for your company's Employee Portal. In addition to having the Employee Portal itself enabled, this can be done by navigating to Admin -> Employee Portal -> Edit Settings -> Set SMS Job Summary to "Yes".



In addition to enabling the setting company-wide, all users who wish to receive these notifications must also individually opt in. The following steps outline how users will need to go about this.

  1. Sign in to Employee Portal
  2. Click the "Options" button (on the right-hand side, above the language options)
  3. Click the "Yes" button in the Job Summaries section



  • The following international phone numbers are currently supported, with more coming soon: US, Mexico, Australia, & New Zealand.


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