Quality Control Notes

Taking Quality Control Notes in the field is simple, but requires setup on the Admin site by first creating Note Fields and Note Templates. If a Note Template is a 'form' (I.e. when signing in to FieldClock), Note Fields are the different inputs within the form (I.e. name, email, etc...).


Note Fields

Note Fields should be named (I.e. Bruised), have comments describing how the field should be graded (optional), and be set to an input type (I.e. Checkbox.). Using this example, if a Lug of Apples were all bruised, you could take a QC Note, select 'Bruised', and check the Checkbox for True.




Note Templates

Note Templates use a collection of Notes Fields that apply to a specific Variety. For example, a Note Template titled 'Apples' might have QC Note Fields of 'Branches/Leaves' & 'Undercolor', which can be applied to the Varieties 'Granny Smith' & 'Honeycristp'. Anytime you create a QC Note in the mobile app at a Job where those Varieties are present, your 'Apples' QC Note Template will be an option.




Taking QC Notes in the Mobile App

Taking QC Notes in the app can be done through scanning an employee badge or by clicking the plus icon (+) in the upper-right hand corner of the Notes screen. As mentioned above, any QC Note Templates will appear if you're at a Job where it applies. Choosing 'Default' will take you to the normal note taking screen with a photo and comments field.

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