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There may be certain times or scenarios where you'd like a feature to behave differently. In order to provide enough customizations to suit your needs, we've added an 'App Settings' page, which allow you to 'tweak' certain things within FieldClock. This can be found by going to Admin > Misc, then clicking the 'Edit' button:


  • Export password: this is the password you'll need when preforming an 'Emergency Data Export'
  • Re-scan delay: an employee's badge may not be consecutively scanned in less seconds than this value
  • Auto sign-out interval: if the app is in the background for this many hours, the user will be signed out upon next app launch
  • Location mode: full help article here
  • Ticketers can clock?: setting this to 'yes' will provide Ticketers with the ability to clock employees in
  • Disable ticketing during breaks?: Ticket scanners will be disabled during breaks if this is toggled to 'yes'
  • Disable manual clock-ins?: if set to 'yes', employees will only be able to be clocked-in with their badge 
  • Allow multi-piecetype jobs?: if set to 'yes', jobs will be able to have 2 piece types at the same time 
  • Extra job fields required: by default, all jobs must have a Ranch and Task selected. This provides additional 'required' fields to be selected when creating / modifying jobs
  • Enable night shift: provides the ability to mark jobs as a 'night shift'
  • Enable roamer assignments: when creating or editing jobs, roamers will be included in the 'crew boss' options if this is toggled to 'yes'
  • Allow generic notes: If toggled to 'yes', generic notes will always be allowed to be created in the mobile app 
  • Enable employee groups: if toggled to 'yes', the 'Group #' field will be available on employee details and may be exported to payroll 
  • Allow $0 payouts: If toggled to 'yes', and when finalizing jobs, payouts with total amounts of $0 will be allowed
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