Using CenterPoint

FieldClock payroll data can easily be exported to CenterPoint accounting and payroll software.

To set up your codes for CenterPoint, please visit your list of Payroll Entity and edit the one that you wish to configure for CenterPoint.  In the tabs at the bottom of the edit form, you may map codes for each of your FieldClock objects.  Once complete, FieldClock can create a CSV file that can be imported into CenterPoint.

Here are the fields that will be exported to CenterPoint:

  • Employee
  • Earning
  • Date
  • Hours
  • Hours Offered
  • Pieces
  • Rate
  • Amount
  • Task
  • Variety
  • Piece Type
  • Location
  • Crew Boss

In CenterPoint, select the file you exported from FieldClock, and the File Format of the import definition for FieldClock.

If you do not have a file format already created for FieldClock, you may need to create a new one.  In this case, you can map CenterPoint fields to the corresponding fields in the import file.


If you have a Customer Care Membership with CenterPoint, you also ask their support staff for help mapping fields in the Time Import Utility.


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