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Product URL: http://www.famoussoftware.com/

Famous imports a simple pipe-delimited text file.


  1. Go to the Admin page.
  2. Select the Payroll Entities tab.
  3. Select the Payroll Entity you wish to edit.
  4. Click the “Edit Payroll” button.
  5. In the Software field, select “Famous Software”.
  6. Choose whether you wish to associate payouts by Department and GL Account, or by Cost Center and Phase.
  7. Depending on your selection, you will be presented 2 of the following required fields:

Upon selecting your appropriate 'Import Format', scroll down and enter the appropriate codes you have in Famoustm to their respective templates in FieldClock. Famous also has several optional fields; you may fill them in or leave them blank.

“Template” fields can be filled in using text values (which will be exported verbatim) or template placeholders. If you use placeholders, they will be replaced by the appropriate data when exported. (For example, “{work_date}” would be exported as ‘2017-12-31’.) Available placeholders are listed on the right side of the Edit Payroll page.

Transferring to Famous:

  1. Generate a Payroll Batch for the desired time period and payroll entity.
  2. Click the download button:
  3. Save the output file to a location that can be accessed by Famous
  4. Complete the import workflow in Famous


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