Overnight jobs

Not all jobs are easy "9 to 5" jobs on a single day.  Sometimes you may have a crew working from one day into the next.  

In order to make it easier to determine when times extend over multiple calendar dates, FieldClock will display date information at times when you may need it.

Handling Time Entries

When you enter time for employees, you will now see the duration of time displayed.  Additionally, the earliest time you can select for the end of a duration will be no earlier than the start of the duration.

In the case where an Employee's clock-out time is on the day after the clock-in time, you'll see the date displayed in the Job Details view on the admin site:

Handling Breaks

Break editing will also display the duration, the same as when editing Employee clock-in/out times. Additionally, if a Job starts after 3pm, you will be given the option to select the start date when creating or editing non-productive time:

The same display format will indicate when non-productive time (such as rest breaks) are on the second date:


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