Finalizing multiple jobs

Usually there's more than one job to finalize. To speed things up, we've create a way to 'bulk-finalize' jobs. This will allow you to select any number of jobs from your main jobs list, then finalize them all back-to-back from a single screen.

Selecting multiple jobs to be finalized

On the jobs list, hover your cursor over a job, then check the box on the right-hand side to select it for bulk-finalization. After selecting one or more jobs, a link to "Finalize jobs" will appear at the top of the list:


Once you have selected all the jobs you want to finalize, click "Finalize jobs".

Finalizing Jobs

On the bulk finalization screen, you will be shown a list of jobs. If a job can be finalized, a "Finalize" button will be displayed under the payouts subtotal.

If you want to view or edit any of the payouts at a given job, click the "Show details" button next to the job description to see the job's details:

After clicking "Finalize", you can no longer edit the payouts for that job while it finalizes. If you need to make edits after this point, you can click the "Undo" button that becomes available after the job is final.


  • The bulk finalization page does not update jobs with changes that happen in other tabs (or by other users) after the job is loaded. If changes are made to an active job, in other tabs or by other users, click the reload button located next to the payout subtotal.
  • If you need to view a job's details, you can click the job's title to open the details in a new tab. Please keep in mind that you'll need to reload changes on the finalization page if you make changes in this new tab.
  • Normal finalization restrictions apply: if a job has employees that have not clocked-out or other payouts that cannot be generated, it cannot be finalized from this page.



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