Account admins & billing accounts


Account Administrator is a new role, which is a 'level above' Company Administrators. In essence, they oversee all things Account & Billing-related. The following privileges are only provided to Account Administrators:

  • Access to billing information
  • Able to create/modify/delete other Account Administrators
  • Have access to and can move between all companies within a single 'Billing Account'
  • Are able to 'copy' employees to other companies within the same billing account so as not to incur double billing (read more)

Adding Additional Companies to your Account

FieldClock now supports multiple companies underneath a single 'billing account'. However, access to this functionality requires Company creation to happen through a FieldClock employee. If you have multiple companies, which need to be completely separate from each other, please inquire about an umbrella billing account though a FieldClock employee.

Moving Between Companies

Once a second company has been added to a billing account, every user with an Account Administrator privilege may move between the two companies. The following will be presented each time they log in:

Additionally, if that user wishes to switch companies while logged in, they can simply choose to 'Switch Company' from the main dropdown menu:

Note: Company Administrators can only log into a single company and are not permitted to move between multiple companies - that is exclusively for Account Administrators.


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