Setting up a payroll entity


Many farm organizations are comprised of several related business entities.  Some ranches may be owned by a group of farmers, while others are owned or operated by a separate group.  FieldClock makes it easy to pay employees from the correct business entity based on where the work is completed, or to pay specific employees by the same entity regardless of where they work.

When configuring your FieldClock account, you will want to create a separate Payroll Entity for each business entity that will pay employees.  You can then associate each Ranch (or Employee) with a specific Payroll Entity to pay activity at that Ranch (or for that Employee) appropriately.

Note: You may need to consider payouts from other Payroll Entities when calculating some rates (e.g. Minimum Wage, Overtime/Doubletime, and Piecework Breaks).  In this situation, you should create a Payroll Group to designate which calculations should consider other entities.

Get Started

To set up or edit a payroll entity, first click 'Admin' from your left-hand menu. Then, click the 'Payroll Entities' tab, and finally, either click 'New Payroll Entity' or the payroll entity you wish to edit. If editing a payroll entity, you'll need to click the 'Edit payroll' button to edit it.

From the edit screen you can fill out / select the following options:

  • Name: The name of your payroll entity
  • Ignore Overtime Multiplier: Whether you'd like overtime payouts to be exported at the regular hourly rate or not
  • Software: The payroll software you use. Different configuration options may be provided depending on the software you select.  Please visit our payroll help section for more information.

After you have completed your base configuration, you will need to specify the codes that map FieldClock objects to codes in your payroll system.  For more information mapping payroll codes, please visit "How to configure payroll codes".

Please note that Payroll Entity configuration controls how payroll files are generated when exporting pay data from FieldClock to your payroll system.  For pay rules such as Minimum Wage, Overtime/Doubletime, and Piecework Break Pay, please configure your Wage Program(s) appropriately.

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