FieldClock Kiosk

Over the past few years, one of the most common requests from our users has been to bring the simplicity of the FieldClock app to their warehouse.  We are proud to provide the Kiosk app for this purpose.

Kiosk has some fundamental differences to the main FieldClock app:

  • Jobs are not manually managed in the app.  They are created as-needed when employees are clocked-in. How to configure the Kiosk app
  • The app can only be configured by a Company Administrator or an Account Administrator

How FieldClock Kiosk Works

Kiosk syncs minimal data with the server.  It collects Ranches, Blocks, Employees, and Tasks, but ignores Varieties and Piece Types.

When an employee clocks in, Kiosk checks to see if a Job already exists on the current date at the current location for the specified task.  

  • If a job exists, the employee is clocked-in to the existing job
  • If no job exists, a new job is created using the Kiosk configuration and the selected task.  The job will be created with any Comments from the configuration screen
  • Initial sync happens on login.

  • Sync happens periodically (every n seconds +/- a small range) when the kiosk is in Kiosk Mode

  • Sync pulls current list of all jobs (same list as mobile app)

  • Creating duplicate jobs on multiple devices within a small time window will cause issues (even if the first device uploaded its new job immediately, the second device may not see it until some time passes).

  • You can create a job on the Admin Site and clock somebody in on the Admin Site, and later they can clock-out on Kiosk (after it has sync'd).

No job details or other management functionality is available in Kiosk — it is simply a badge scanner that creates jobs & time entries as needed.

Kiosk syncs time data back to the server at the same interval as the other mobile apps.  Clock events should become visible online within a few minutes of activity.


Please see "How to configure the Kiosk app" for more information about setting up the app.


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