How to configure the Kiosk app

FieldClock Kiosk can only be configured by a Company or Account Administrator.   Begin by signing in with an administrator user account.

Once you are signed in, please specify the following settings:

  • The location of the Kiosk
  • The tasks that are available for clock-in at this Kiosk
  • The 'mode' that you would like to use for logging in. This can either be Badge Scan, or Photo + PIN
  • Any comments that should be attached to jobs created by the Kiosk
  • Which device camera you wish to use (use the back camera if employees will hold their badge "under" the device, use the front camera if the device will be mounted flush on a wall)
  • Tap the Start Kiosk button

After you tap the Start Kiosk button, the app will remain in scanning mode.

How to Clock-in an Employee

It's simple:  scan their badge!

If the employee has 1 task available, and the task is in the Kiosk’s configured available tasks, the employee will be clocked in to a Job with that Task

If the employee has multiple tasks available that overlap with the Kiosk’s configured available tasks, the employee will be asked to pick which Task they are clocking-in for.

Alternatively: Signing in with PIN

If you have set the 'mode' (described above) to 'Photo + PIN', the user is also able to type in their Kiosk PIN to login. Please note that you will have to define their PIN manually by editing their user account, and that their PIN has to be at least four digits long.

How to Clock-out an Employee

It's still simple:  scan their badge again!

If the employee has no tasks available (other than their currently clocked-in task), they will be clocked-out without any fuss.

If the employee has other tasks available, they will be presented with the option to switch task or to clock-out.  

How to Exit Scanning Mode

Kiosk will exit scanning mode whenever a company or account admin's badge is scanned.  After exiting scanning mode, the app will return to the Configuration screen.

Troubleshooting Tips

If an employee cannot clock-in...

  • Double-check that their employee record is active.  If an employee is inactive or has been deleted, they will be unable to clock-in.
  • Double-check that their employee record has tasks available to it that are included on the list of tasks that the Kiosk is configured with.  A Task must be present on the employee's personal list and in the Kiosk configuration otherwise the employee cannot clock-in at that Kiosk.

To clear Kiosk data…

  • Tap the Sign Out button on the Configuration screen.


Please see "FieldClock Kiosk" for more information about how the Kiosk app works.


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