Setting or changing quantity for piecework


FieldClock allows you to edit the quantity for pieces produced in the field.  For example, you may have an employee who picked several buckets and you want them to show as a single "piece" with a quantity equivalent to the number of buckets picked.

If you are working a high-volume job where the employees will generally have very-large or very different quantities, you can specify that your piecework is "Variable Quantity".  When you have specified "Variable Quantity", the mobile app will prompt the user for a quantity value whenever generating a new piece record.

In the Mobile App

How To Edit a Single Piece's Quantity

  • Go to the "Piece Details" view (You can do this by scanning the worker's badge, and selecting the piece you wish to edit from their summary.  You can also get to the same screen by scanning the piece's QR code if you are printing them.)
  • Tap the Quantity button at the bottom
  • Enter the new quantity.
  • Tap OK.

How To Enable Variable Quantity Piecework

  • Go to the "Job Edit" view (either tap the '+' button on the Jobs List, or the "Edit" button on the Job Info view.
  • Set the Pay Type to "Piecework".
  • Tap a Piece Type to edit its details
  • Toggle the Switch for Variable Quantities
  • Tap Back
  • Tap Done


On the Admin Site

How To Edit a Single Piece's Quantity

  • Go to the Job Details view
  • Click the row of the employee you wish to edit.  (Note: If you tap directly on the employee's name, it will take you to their profile.  Tap elsewhere in their row to expand their details at the selected job.)
  • In the Production list, click the button that looks like a Pencil.
  • In the pop-up form, enter a new quantity for the piece.
  • Click Save Changes 

How To Enable Variable Quantity Piecework

  • Go to the Job Edit view (either by creating a new Job, or clicking "Edit Job" on an existing job's details view)
  • Set the Pay Type to "Piecework"
  • In Piecework Options, check the box next to Variable Quantities for the desired piece type.
  • Click Save


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