Finalizing jobs

If working a Job is about collecting data, finalizing a Job is about reviewing that data. Sometimes an additional Bin or Bucket may accidentally get scanned, or perhaps someone forgot to clock-out. In these situations, it's important to make sure all Job data is accurate and ready for export. This is what Job Finalization is for: reviewing all Employee data, including time entries, production counts, non-productive time (breaks), and payouts. A Job should only be finalized if everything 'checks out'. Doing so 'marks' the Job as reviewed, and that's it's ready to be included in a Payroll Batch.

In order to finalize a job, all employees must be:

  • Clocked out
  • Have over 1 min of clocked-in time that doesn't conflict with any other time entries
  • Have an hourly wage*

*It is possible to create a Payroll Batch with $0 payouts, but only if that option has been enabled in App Settings.

Finalizing from job details screen


  1. First navigate to the job you wish to finalize
  2. Click the 'Payouts' tab, then the 'Review job for finalization' button
  3. The review job payouts screen allows you to look over the job payouts one last time prior to finalizing
  4. If everything looks good, click the 'Finalize' button
  5. One last warning will appear asking if you're sure you'd like to finalize the job. If so, click 'Finalize it!'


Finalizing from jobs list

  1. Click 'Jobs' from your left-hand menu
  2. On the right-hand side of your screen you'll see a list of 'Jobs To Finalize'...
  3. Either click the job you wish to finalize or or click the bottom button to see the entire list...
  4. Click the job you wish to finalize
  5. Review job payouts, and if everything looks good, click 'Finalize'
  6. One last warning will appear asking if you're sure you'd like to finalize the job. If so, click 'Finalize it!'


Common Issues / Errors

Sometimes, it may appear that all employees have the correct time, yet the job will not finalize. This is most likely due to that employee having an overlapping time entry with another job.


  1. Compare the clock-in/out time of the employee to their clock-in/out time of the previous day
  2. If the clock-out time of one job is the same as the clock-in time of the second job, simply reduce the clock-out time of the first job by one minute so they're no longer overlapping

Employee is showing 0 hours

If you see an error stating an employee has 0 hours when it appears they do in fact have hours, it's likely they don't have a Wage set somewhere.


  1. Check the employees Wage Program to see if an hourly rate has been set
  2. Check to see if a Job wage has been set
  3. Check to see if the employee has a personal wage set

Finalizing multiple jobs

See our article about Finalizing multiple jobs for a quick & easy workflow to finalize several jobs at the same time.

Un-finalizing jobs

Sometimes you may need to un-finalize a job. See our Unfinalizing Jobs article for more information.



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