How to create a job

What is a job?

A Job is how FieldClock represents an activity that an employee (or more than one employee) performs. A single Job contains at least a basic configuration of a Task, a location, and a specific time. Below are all of the possible bits of information that a Job can be comprised of:

  1. Date -- The day the Job is taking place on, written in MM/DD/YYYY format
  2. Ranch -- The Ranch that the Job is taking place at
  3. Block (optional) -- If applicable, the Block within the Ranch that the Job is taking place at
  4. Task -- The activity being performed, see Tasks
  5. Variety (optional) -- If applicable, the Variety of the product
  6. Crew Boss (optional) -- The Crew Boss overseeing the Job
  7. Color (optional) -- Assign a color to the Job for ease of organization in large scale
  8. Hours Offered (optional) -- The number of hours offered to employees at this Job, see H2A Hours
  9. Pay Type -- Distinguish between paying Hourly, Piecework and Hourly + Piecework
  10. Notes (optional) -- A simple text field where you can input arbitrary notes for the Job

Piecework Options

If the Job is a Piecework Job, 'Piecework Options' will appear. To proceed, you must first select a piece type. Once that is complete, you may enter the price you'd like to pay per piece.

There are three different ticketing options to choose from:

  1. Fixed Quantity -- This is automatically set by default and will generate a single piece per printer scan. This style is optimal when you want a Ticketer to confirm each piece that is produced. See Tickets vs. Pieces
  2. Variable Quantity -- This option allows the number of pieces produced in the field to be edited. This is good for high-volume jobs such as pruning, where the Ticketer may not be able to verify each individual piece.
  3. Shared Quantity -- This allows multiple producing employees to be scanned to the same ticket. When the ticket is created, a piece record will be created for each employee with a quantity of 1/n - n being the number of producers.

Use pre-printed tickets: Select this option if you are using your own barcodes. This is optional, and FieldClock will create piece numbers for you if you don't have your own pre-printed tickets.


Where to create a Job


  1. Tap the main menu in the upper left-hand corner

  2. Tap 'Jobs' to view the jobs list

  3. Tap the plus icon (+) in the upper-right hand corner


  1. Click 'Jobs' from the main menu

  2. Click the 'New Job' button on the right-hand side


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