What are break templates?

Break Templates provide an easy way to record break time at jobs for common or repeated break types.  If you have a standard rest break, or lunch break, or training, or anything else -- create a break template to save your users' time!

Getting Started

To configure your break templates, head over to the Admin section and click on the "Non-Productive Time" tab.

On this tab, you'll be able to create new break templates for any common breaks you assign.  You can specify the following attributes for each template:

  • Notes - any title or comments you might want to add (e.g. "Rest Pay", or "Lunch Break")
  • Category - which Non-Productive category to use when exporting the time to payroll
  • Minutes -  the duration of the break
  • Paid? -  check this box if the break should be paid, otherwise leave it unchecked

Using Break Templates

Break Templates will be available on the admin site (when viewing a Job's details, click on the "Breaks" tab) or when crew bosses use the mobile app.  Break Templates simply provide a "one click" workflow for creating new breaks using the configured attributes.  Users can always create custom breaks with arbitrary durations or reasons.



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